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Jensen is a gifted singing actress blessed with fine theatrical instincts and an unusually well rounded, intriguingly versatile instrument.
She proved capable of handling the character’s full emotional range with naturalism and specificity.
Her rolling, butterscotch-gold soprano transitioned seamlessly through the registers, revealing a powerful, bright top, a warm, sweet middle range, and rich low notes.
Her reading of the show’s most popular hit tune, (the Jewel Song) perfectly encapsulated the merits of her performance as a whole. Her comic hypocrisy was perfectly judged, as Marguerite speaks of her modesty and hesitation at wearing the rich ornaments left at her doorstep, all the while diving into the jewel box with rapacious delight.

Her already lovely sound blossomed and unfolded over the course of the piece, building to an electrifying high note. At her weakest, Jensen was merely excellent; at her best, she was superb.

-Boston Musical Intelligencer

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Upcoming Events 

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Stratagem Artists



Emily is thrilled to announce she's joined the roster of Stratagem Artists Management.

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Summer 2022

Chautauqua Opera


Emily spent the summer of 2022 as an Apprentice Artist at Chautauqua Opera's.

She covered the title role of Tosca. She sang Angel More in Thomson's Mother of Us All, while covering Susan B Anthony. 

She is enjoyed participating the workshop of Derek Bermel and Sandra Cisneros' new opera The House on Mango Street.

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